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Governor Cuomo just released his agenda for the first 100 days of 2019.
He calls it his "Justice Agenda"

As Republicans you will immediately see why much of this agenda will be a disaster for our State and we'll have "no time to wait" to fight much of it tooth and nail. Here it is in the Governor's own words:

This morning I laid out my agenda for the first 100 days of the 2019 legislative session. 

As the federal government seeks to undo generations of progress, New York must lead and there’s no time to wait. With the new Democratic majority in our State Senate we have the opportunity to pass this ambitious plan to ensure the promise of full, true, justice for all. 

This 2019 we will:
  • Ensure a Progressive Tax System
  • Cut Middle Class Taxes While Fighting to Repeal SALT
  • Protect Quality, Affordable Health Care
  • Codify Reproductive Rights
  • Enshrine Gender Equality into Law
  • Combat Gun Violence
  • Launch a $150 Billion Infrastructure Plan
  • Fund and Restructure the MTA While Easing Traffic in New York City's Business District
  • Ensure Education Equity
  • Pass the Dream Act
  • Launch the Green New Deal
  • Ensure Clean, Safe Drinking Water for All
  • Improve Our Democracy
  • Increase Trust in the Democratic System
  • Protect Public Sector Unions
  • Keep Housing Affordable for New Yorkers
  • Pass the Child Victims Act
  • Protect LGBTQ Rights
  • Legalize Adult Use of Recreational Marijuana; and
  • Ensure Fairness in the Criminal Justice System

We ask for the support of all New Yorkers to turn these bold ideas into law.

As New Yorkers, we declare independence from the federal government's repugnant policies. We reject the nationalism, racism, misogyny and discrimination coming from Washington. 

Help us pass our progressive agenda and together New York will restore true democracy, fairness and progress.

Now is the time for New York to stand up and deliver on the promise of progressive government. There’s no time to wait. 

Ever upward, 

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Frankly speaking, I think the "ever upward" closing means that the Governor is High. What do you think?
Join us if you want to help us fight for conservative values while we still can.

Invoking FDR, Cuomo outlines 'aggressive progressive agenda' for 2019

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